Warranty @ 2Pahiya.com

2pahiya.com offers the Warranty on pre-owned two wheelers with all support & facilities equivalent to those given for a new vehicle,
to assure the peace of mind and new like feel for each & every customer.

Type Of Warranty Coverage

Cylinder Head: Cylinder head & head cover, Tappet Cover , Camshaft holder, Rocker Arm & rocker, Bearing , Rocker arm shaft, Inlet & exhaust valve, Valve guide.
Cam Chain / Tension: Cam Sprocket , Cam Chain, Tensioner, Lifter.
Cylinder: Cylinder Block Piston Assembly/ Child parts.
Oil Pump: Oil Pump Assembly.
Generator: Magneto Assembly, Stator Comp.
Crankshaft/Piston: Crankshaft, Gear Primary Drive & Roller Bearing.
Transmission: MainShaft & counter shaft Gear On Mainshaft & Countershaft , Set of bearing.
Gear shit Drum: Fork, Shaft, Drum, Stopper & Springs.
Kick Starter Spindle: Ratchet , Gear Kick Starter, Pinion & Kick Shaft (Spindle)
Front Brake: Cylinder sub assembly, cliper sub assembly.
Others: Fuel cock, Gauge fuel, CDI Unit, Ignition Coil, Rectifier comp, Regulator, Power Relay.

Oil pump, crankshaft & pulley, big end & main bearing, connection rods, gudgeon pins, piston and rings, inlet and exhaust values (excluding burnt and pitted values), springs and guides, cylinder block and cylinder hear, camshaft, rocker arms and shaft, timing gears, tensioner bearing, water pump (failure due to extern al damage or corrosion is not covered), inlet and exhaust manifold.
Transmission : Mainshaft & Counter shaft, Gear and mainshaft & Countershaft, Set of bearings.
Gearshift Drum : Fork, Shaft, Drum , Stopper & Springs.